Flower fairies plant the seed…

Whether it was the imaginary flower fairies dancing across her pillow as a child and filling her with possibility, or her Poppy’s love of Dahlias, Trish Carter fell under the floral spell as a kid and now grows what she needs for her floral design business in the Blue Mountains.

Name and location of farm..

Blue Mountains Floral Designs is our Wedding and Event Business name. Our flower patch is called The Garden Patch and we’re based in Woodford, New South Wales, Australia.

Its llustrations are etched into my memory and sparked a love of flowers I will never lose.

About a book Trish was given as a child…

What do you grow?

Our main summer production in Dahlias. We also have a few Hydrangeas, Paper Daisies, Kangaroo Paw, Waratah, King Protea, Achillea, ITOH Peony, Nigella, Ferns, Hellebores, Camellia, Corn Flower, Grevillea, Pansy…. the list is always expanding.

What’s involved in cultivating these flowers?

Saving seeds and splitting tubers; on-site composting system and drip system irrigation. There is a separate plot for most of the flowers which are split into rows. Absolutely no insecticides – it’s completely about organic and natural cultivation.

Why do you grow flowers?

My Poppy grew Dahlias when I was young. I loved everything about them and grew to have an obsession with growing them too.

It’s important to me and I want to know that most of the florals going into my wedding work are fresh, local and pesticide free.

Bunch of apricot dahlias

What sparked your passion for flowers?

A book called Australian Flower Fairies by Jan Wade was gifted to me when I was 5 years old. Its illustrations are etched into my memory and sparked a love of flowers I will never lose. That, and of course, my Poppy’s Dahlias.


Biggest challenges?

Bloody snails.

Do you sell to the industry or the public?

My flowers mostly go directly to my wedding work. I even plant ahead especially to suit each wedding coming up!

How do we get in touch?

To book in home grown florals for a wedding in the Blue Mountains, NSW visit us at: http://www.bluemountainsfloraldesigns.com

Favourite floral designer and/or shop?

I really admire and am inspired by the work of Film & Foliage and Lime Tree Bower.

By Camille.

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