Book review: A New Leaf

A New Leaf invites us to turn over a new leaf with a spotlight on 20 houses around the world with an emphasis on plant life.

Authors Jennifer Haslam and Pip McCormack look at how, and why, plants and design go hand in hand.

Each section of A New Leaf includes an interview with the homeowners, walking the reader through the plant choices they made and the impact they had on their unique aesthetic.

All the creatives featured in this compendium have meticulously thought about every corner of their homes and have chosen to include plants as prized parts of the decor. 

Featuring the botanical-inspired homes of artists including architect Valentina Audrito, interior designer Brigette Romanek, sculptor Antonino Sciortino and furniture designer Kara Melcher, A New Leaf shows how a wealth of creatives are breaking new ground in interior style and decor.

The collection is overflowing with inspiration on how to incorporate plants into the home and will be an invaluable resource to any interior design lover.

In the homes featured throughout these pages the foliage has been weaved into the very fabric of the space, sometimes even thought about and chosen before walls and basic structure. For some interviewees, plants round the hard edges of brutalist decor, and for others having plants in their space helps them feel a connection to their home.

About the Authors

Jennifer Haslam is a UK-based Interiors Stylist and Creative Consultant. With a keen interest in
architecture and the way people live with design, her work has been featured in ELLE Decoration,
Livingetc, and the Sunday Times to name a few. After many years living in London, she now lives in
York with her husband Strider, two boys Arlo and Vinny, Sprollie dog Pip, and a small jungle of

Pip McCormac is the editor of Livingetc, having been an interiors and lifestyle journalist for almost 20 years. He has previously worked at ELLE Decoration, Red, Sunday Times Style and Grazia, and written for publications such as The Guardian, ES Magazine and Stylist. He recently relocated from London to Somerset, where he lives with several Monstera, cacti and a philodendron. This is his fourth book.

Published by Hardie Grant

Available in local book store.

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