The Circle Perspective

For a simple shape, the circle is full of meaning and design aesthetic. It’s synonomous with weddings (wedding rings) – for symbolising infinite love, love with no end, union – but also harmony and protection. Then there’s the cycle symbolism – the cycle of life, of seasons and of the use of materials.

In ancient cultures – the circle can represent the spirit of feminine energy and of Mother Earth.

A wreath of greenery on a table
Framing the view – wreath as centrepiece

This table scape was designed for the MELBOURNE FLOWER AND GARDEN SHOW this weekend by Little Twig Flowers (AKA Mum, Bec and I) and is inspired by the ancient symbol of the circle, the cycle of seasons, and of family.

Wrapped in vine, two slightly rusted steel rings from a wine barrel are a nod to what will be shared at the table, as well as a link to my sister’s other profession / passion.

Botanicals foraged by my sister’s young family include early-Autumn oak and hydrangeas from a family property and others sourced from Mum’s garden and local growers.

green hydrangeas

The idea was to blend passion and the creative process with a connection to what’s happening in the gardens and fields around us. 

We wanted to inspire the visitor – to get creative with reclaimed materials. These botanicals are in the garden and the fields right now. You might have a garden or a friend or family. You don’t have to be a florist. 

The bridal bouquet…

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is on now and this coming weekend.

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