Book review: The Plant Clinic

“We have strayed far from the rhythms of nature..”

Erin Lovell Verinder

This book is so important. It is essentially giving us the tools to return back to using plants for healing, for vitality.

The Plant Clinic is a definitive guide to healing with plants from the bestselling author of Plants for the People, Erin Lovell Verinder.

“The roots of herbalism run deep , and it is about time found our way back to working with the plants to heal.”

Erin Lovell Verinder

Here are 150 recipes for over 100 conditions with stunning photography by Georgia Blackie.

Expert herbalist Erin Lovell Verinder decodes healing with plant medicine to remedy over 100 common health complaints across: Vitality; Immunity; Detoxification; The Gut; Hormone Health; Mums and Bubs; Hair and Skin; and Emotions, Mind and Spirit.

Choosing the plant path takes us deep into the riches of traditional folk medicine and ancestral herbal therapeutics. We return to the old ways, marrying time-honoured approaches with contemporary practices and forging new ways to work with plants to healer bodies and beings.

Taken from the introduction of the book.

Nettle and Oat Straw Infusion is a powerful tool in burnout recovery; Liver-Lovin’ Greens Powder is a wonder for detox support; Iron-Lift Slow-Brew Syrup is for everyone with low iron levels; and the Lovers’ Oxymel is delicious, helpful and so different from other libido support.

With over 150 recipes, including Lung Love Syrup, Zen Day Tea, The Breakout Salve, Eczema Cream, Kidney Tone Tea and Shifting Stagnancy Tea, this book is the definitive healing bible for modern day living.

Sharing deep herbal wisdom along with the ultimate First Aid Kit for soothing bruises, aches, pains and much, much more, this is the book to make you glow.

Erin Lovell Verinder is a fully qualified herbalist, wellbeing expert and author. She runs a bustling clinic and works with clients worldwide. The Plant Clinic is her second book.

Her first, Plants for the People, is sold in Australia, the USA and UK, and in translation.

Published by Thames & Hudson

Price AUS$39.99

Available in local book store or purchase here.

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