Workshop it; the best flower workshops and masterclasses

A few new additions to the list of masterclasses and workshops below, including a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for the school holidays.  For all the details, keep scrolling past all those stunning images from last year’s Masterclass by The Flower Dispensary  at The Estate Trentham captured by Katie Grant Photography.

There’s loads of options to drench yourself in florals for a day or two in. Both in the city or stunning country areas. The florals, the styling, the venues are an absolute treat for flower lovers and a pretty wise business investment if you’re a florist.

All image credits- Katie Grant Photography
All image credits- Katie Grant Photography


Arrangement: Little Twig Flowers. Image: Katie Grant.
Arrangement: Little Twig Flowers Image: Katie Grant Photography.

The Flower Dispensary Masterclass was held at The Estate in Trentham in August 2016.  (More credits for the masterclass below)

Best floral masterclasses  …

P.S. This is just a start, the plan is to keep adding to this so hit me up with any that you know of….

Best flower workshops in Melbourne / Victoria

Best flower workshops in Sydney / NSW

Best flower workshops in Adelaide / South Australia

Best flower workshops in Perth / WA

The Flower Dispensary Masterclass credits

Assisted by: Brooke Robertson & Kristen Miller

Venue: @theestatetrentham
Model: @gracemunday
Dress: @thebridalatelier
Catering: @thetrenthamcollective
Beverages : @natasha_morgan_  (small batch locally made preserves & syrups)
Stencilling : @carvetocreate
Aprons & linens: @mettamelbourne @scarletjonesmelbourne
Silk ribbons: @songbirdsilk
Stationary: @typoflora
Teas: @maydetea
Selected foliages from the garden of: @spadeandtrowel
Local foraging : @acreofroses
Welcome gifts: @cathypentonatelier  (charms) @myrtleandmoss  @maplesoaps @soaksociety @queenbcandles & many other treats from @botanical_wanderings

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