Top 10 floral Instagram accounts

God bless Instagram for bringing us the creations of floral artists from all over the world. At any given moment, we can be transported to flower fields in Cornwall, Washington State, or the west of Ireland. Or we can be in the workshops and studios of the best florists around, from Belgium to Australia, and all across the U.S.

Instagram pulls together a growing community of florists and flower lovers and puts more people under the floral spell every day.

In no particular order, here’s ten favourite floral Instagram accounts. All have swoon worthy feeds for your floral inspiration or just a creative escape over coffee. It was hard to limit the list to just ten….. What are your favourites?


Florist and mother flowering my way through weddings, workshops, collaborations



Belgian farmer- florist, Emily Aversion




Flowering in San Francisco – Amanda Luu and Ivanka atsuba



Limited edition floral prints, wallpaper, upholstery




Farmer-florist, writer, teacher in Washington state




Florists –  with flowers grown on our farm in Cornwall.




Hana – flower farmer in the west of Ireland. Destination wedding florist




Wedding and event florals. Kyneton Australia.




Inspired by nature… Weaving blooms for weddings. Based in Brisbane Australia




Flower lover and florist. Based in regional Victoria, Australia







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