Prunella – botanical styling from another time

Considered by Belle Magazine to be amongst the most innovative floral designers in Australia, Prunella’s work is utterly spellbinding.

I’ll never forget the day I saw Prunella’s work. It was just on their website, I couldn’t even smell the flowers, but that was enough. My jaw hit the floor, I was mesmerised.

Photographer: Erin and Tara

Their botanical arrangements are heavily influenced by the Dutch Masters, they transport you to another time.

Photographer: Beck Rocchi

Contrasting scale and colour, their arrangements create romance and theatre. Signature urns inspired by the faded grandeur of a European chateau overflow with seasonal florals and wild trailing green. Prunella’s creations are abundant, irresistible and unforgettable.

Photographer: Erin and Tara

I asked this dynamic team of two, Caris and Vanessa, for a some insights into their work.

Why flowers?

Because they’re beautiful! And we feel so lucky through our work to be able to bring the outside in, to reflect the seasons and especially to show off the flowers and foliage of country Victoria.

Prunella Studio_low res-7
Photographer: Marnie Hawson

How would you describe your style?

Our style reflects us: natural, a bit wild, open and abundant. It reflects our philosophy of keeping the raw, untamed beauty of nature connected to that part of us existing in our constructed environments.

Photographer: Jasmine Petterson

Where does your creative inspiration come from? 

We are eternally inspired by the artwork of the Dutch masters. They captured in such glorious detail the grandeur, delicacy and deep colours of flowers and foliage in amazing compositions. There is at once the wildness and the tenderness of nature. We would love our clients to feel like they are enveloped in the warm, dappled light of a European garden in mid-summer – lush, fragrant, endless.

Prunella low res-66
Photographer: Erin and Tara

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What are you loving about the botanical styling industry at the minute.

We’re loving the impact of having one botanical element presented en masse. There’s also a trend towards having a few larger installations at an event, creating a sense of abundance and scale, rather than many smaller arrangements having less of an effect.

Photographer: Jasmine Petterson

Favourite part of your job?

We adore our clients. There’s nothing better than working with them to find out what they want and pushing ourselves to deliver. Every day is challenging when your work is as tailored as ours, but that’s the joy. We love the creative process!

Photographer: Erin and Tara

Biggest challenge?

Clear roof marquees in February! All the planning in the world can’t prepare you for what the environment will be like on the day.

Prunella Studio_high res-17
Photographer: Marnie Hawson

Best gig and why?

Any gig, big or small, where a client walks in, sees it for the first time, and has a look on their face that says, “This is beyond my expectations!” Best gig ever.

Prunella Studio_high res-52
Photographer: Erin and Tara

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