The magic of a flower crown

Although a fresh flower crown is not an accessory that lasts very long, its appeal has lasted centuries across the worlds of fashion, art and special occasions generally. It saw a revival a few years ago and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing.

Although something with such deep roots can hardly be called a trend. The look is steeped in tradition, art and symbolic meaning. The flower crown has seen surges of popularity from the likes of Marie Antoinette, Frida Kahlo and Dolce and Gabbana.

A stunning crown is a top Rembrandt’s ‘Flora’, painted in the 17th century, and worn by Shakespeare’s Ophelia in the 16th. In the music world flower crowns have been spotted on Beyonce, Lorde, Lana del Ray and in the lyrics of a Mumford and Sons song. And interestingly, it’s having a huge resurgence in the Ukraine where it is part of the national dress.

Flower crown: Little Twig Flowers. Model and dress: Feather and Noise

But despite the history, it’s one of those things, once you wear one – you get it. And more and more girls are getting it – for weddings, hens days, birthdays, the races.

I’m sure there’s something of a halo effect about it, and quite literally you’re wearing a crown from mother nature herself. There’s definitely something symbolic just wearing it. But then there’s the making!


They say the brain can’t be creative and stressed at the same time. Working with your hands, especially with nature is a little bit magical. Almost like a therapy it’s super relaxing and the conversation is different. Less small talk, more fun.

Photo credit: The Urban Sparrow

As part of Little Twig Flowers, I have helped run many workshops for birthdays, baby showers, hens days where a group of women (and the odd guy!) gather around a table to create a flower crown to wear for the day. There’s the most wonderful banter across the table, it breaks the ice for those who don’t know each other. The conversation is easy, the mood is relaxed and excited. (or is that the Proseco being poured at 11am?)

Photo credit: The Urban Sparrow

Then the crowns all start to come together.


Every. single. time. We are absolutely blown away by what everyone creates – their colour choice and style and how pumped they get from what they’ve made.

Especially the ones who think they’re not creative!

Photo credit: The Urban Sparrow

It’s such a privelege to be a small part of these days. Old friends and new ones making memories – the day they all wore flowers in their hair. Almost every week at Little Twig Flowers we make crowns for birthdays, for the races, hens days or a baby shower. Or we’re running workshops! And we absolutely love it.

Little Twig-4381
Photo credit: The Urban Sparrow

We set up the room with a french inspired flower shop and set up the table with greenery, lots of flowers and all the floristry materials. We’ll pack up too! Now is the perfect time for booking your spring parties and workshops. Drop us a line at

Photo credit: The Urban Sparrow
Photo credit: The Urban Sparrow
Photo credit: The Urban Sparrow
Photo credit: The Urban Sparrow

Thank you to Simone, Amanda and friends for inviting us into their world for some fun with flowers for Amanda’s hens day. And a huge thank you to The Urban Sparrow – an incredibly talented photographer (and designer) who captured the day in her stunningly unique way.  xx


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  1. Julie Berry says:

    Lots of stunning flowercrowns here. I think there’s nothing more beautiful girls and ladies wearing beautiful flowercrowns on a glorious summer day.


    1. The Flower Press says:

      I totally agree!


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