Profile – Margaret Ransfield, Clover Flowers

Margie, owner and head stylist at Clover Flowers in Melbourne has an unwavering passion for flowers.

She’s been at it since she was 14 in both Australia and New Zealand, but launched her first Clover store for Mothers Day a couple of years ago in the heart of Melbourne’s Inner West.


It was love at first sight for the Seddon locals. A stunning store and personality to boot, Clover hit the ground running.

Two years later, Margie + the Clover girls are now also flowering amongst the hustle + bustle of Melbourne’s CBD at Fulham Place.

Why do you flower?

Passion, expression,  flowers are my life. It’s damn addictive.


Was it always floristry?

Yes! I started when I was 14, I was desperate to make some pocket money and have a part time job and the independence that comes with that. I worked my way through the yellow pages for days calling business after business, I finally got onto to Annie at Sunflowers (so 1998) and the rest is history.


 How would you describe your style / philosophy?

After 19 years of flowering my style is quite diverse. I don’t like to stay stagnant for long so I am always throwing ideas around and trying new things. For my stores I can confidently create to any brief I like to feel out the scenario, person and occasion and base an arrangement around what I envision would suit best.

Personally I love soft but styled feminine arrangements if not, over the top classic and grand. I am a sucker for flowers en masse.  When in doubt a lot of one thing is great- I think that rule just applies in life.


What’s the biggest challenge?

I feel like I could do most of the labour side of the job blindfolded but having a business and wanting to do ALL of the ideas, and scaling that back is challenging. Being bossy is hard for me too and taking pics of our work. I really need to get better at it.


What are your favourite parts of the job?

Working with other great florists, I’m so lucky I have that privilege daily. Learning never stops for me, there is always new ways and techniques, learning curbs off and onsite, shared ideas, innovative answers and problem solving on the job. Alongside that getting excited about new designs and concepts for briefs, bouncing ideas with your peers- it’s the bomb and one of my favourite pastimes.


Smashing an event or creating a bunch of flowers that makes someone feel really amazing and just shine, or proud to gift is a high I don’t get sick of as a store owner. As cliché as it comes across I really appreciate and feel grateful to the people that my store attracts and want them to feel that in their experience at Clover, without it being too serious.  I think we have a lot of  fun in our shop.

There’s also the excitement that change of season brings, those “goods” you’ve been waiting a whole year to play with again have arrived. Lastly I still find such reward and satisfaction from sweeping the floor, holding a broom is 101 in floristry you are never to senior for that or taking out the rubbish!


Best gig and why?

It was in New Zealand. Two stores and some freelance florists came together for a big event commissioned by my boss.

We had worked together for a while now and were all great friends, the brief was to die for larger than life and all about stunning flowers, the landscape and all that comes with it.

In those days we always started around 5am and working past midnight you wouldn’t even blink everyone was in it together. On the flipside I don’t think any of us had an idea of what we were in for when we pulled up at the property that’s scaled compared to Jurassic Park. Luckily Kiwi florists and their wit, really know how to have fun on the job (yes always assisted with a drink) and don’t take themselves too seriously, I felt like I needed to wet my pants most of the weekend from the laughs but wanted to cry from all the hard work, tiredness and exhaustion.

We got to the finish line as an even tighter team, and I’ll never ever forget it!


What are some of the trends coming up

I think when you are creating a lot of one look or style you begin to explore and change in how you put things together.

Seasons, interiors, fashion and personal mood play a major influence for me, I love a great magazine for inspiration or going against what everyone else is doing.

I’m forecasting a lot of red and pink together, green is here to stay too.

What would you say to anyone wanting to get into floristry

Go for it, be prepared to work really hard. It is art and I think you’ll know or vibe early on if it’s for you. Know a great barista and let me know when your qualified!

Clover does events, weddings, deliveries, flowers for every need you might have.





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  1. crazybuz says:

    Gorgeous flowers!! I bet it is a lot of work, but you do an amazing job!


    1. The Flower Press says:

      Aren’t her flowers divine! X


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