How to kokedama

Looking like something that just rolled out of a beautiful mossy garden, the kokedama, (translation: moss ball), is a superb alternative to a potted plant.

Considered the poor mans bonsai in Japan, the kokedama is a nod to the Japanese aesthetic wabi sabi – another very cool name – which is all about the imperfections of nature.

So thanks to workshops with Little Twig Flowers, here’s how to kokedama your succulents, ivy, bulbs, orchids, Christmas trees and loads of others!

It’s sort of like wrapping a really messy present – with lots of string.


Just a heads up – it can be a bit messy and you’ll feel like you need extra arms – but don’t worry it does come together – its all part of the wabi sabi!

What you’ll need

  • A plant
  • Dry sphagnum or green moss
  • Peat soil and premium potting mix (ratio – 7:3)
  • Slow release (organic) fertiliser
  • Twine
  • Water

All can be found at the hardware store

Prepare plant

Remove plant from pot or ground, be careful not to disturb the roots. Set aside


Prepare moss and twine

Because you want the twine to be ready to wrap when you get to that stage – lay the start of the twine on your work area (still attached to the main ball of twine)

Lay the moss on working area – green side down on the twine, kind of like wrapping paper under a present – estimate enough moss to cover the size of the ball you’re aiming for.

Create soil base

Mix peat soil, potting mix (1 teaspoon) and some water. Try to form a ball shape. Insert the plant roots and pack the soil mix tight around the plant roots.

Create moss ball

Wrap the moss up around the ball and start winding the twine all around the ball. Your aim is wrap wrap wrap, secure the moss and firm up a round ball!

Leave enough twine for hanging it.


To care for it

Spray it daily and dunk in a bowl/sink of water every few days.

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