Accidentally surrounded by flowers

Rose and Abraham Flower Co

Elisabeth of Rose and Abraham Flower Co near Castlemaine, Victoria, grows the most exquisite flowers. The colours and varieties are of such rare beauty they literally stop you in your tracks – her Instagram feed is utterly distracting.

Image: Dahlia grown by Rose and Abraham Flower Co

Much like her method of farming, it was an organic journey that led to this ‘growing’ business, (sorry there’s so many puns to avoid, had to go with one). Elisabeth fell into growing flowers a few years ago, became addicted and now has flowers everywhere!

“A friend of mine suggested I should have fragrant flowers in our Airbnb, and since we had just terraced our block and weren’t  quite ready to put a pool in, I started growing some flowers. Then I had too many, so I started selling them at our market cafe in Wesley Hill and was hooked.

It was really an organic process.”

Once you start growing, it’s like a drug, the beauty is intoxicating. And flowers en masse are just wonderful and whimsical.

Image: Old world garden roses grown by Rose and Abraham Flower Co

Rose and Abraham Flower Co grows tulips, ranunculus, dahlias, roses with “some yummy annuals and perennials added.” These blooms have an artisan quality to them and many varieties and colours are hard to find. Elisabeth answered a few questions on flower farming below:

“Now there are flowers EVERYWHERE!”

What’s involved in growing these beauties?

Beds have to be recultivated after every crop but I try to do no-dig, to save my sanity and back, so I just add compost on the top of the soil after every crop. For the perennial crops, I do exactly the same as well as mulch.

.Image: Old world garden roses grown by Rose and Abraham Flower Co


Not taking failures to heart. Being ok with saying no and not feeling like you let people down. Keeping everything maintained whilst battling weeds and not feeling overwhelmed.

Zinnias grown by Rose and Abraham Flower Co

Favourite floral stylist?

Katie Marx and Skinny Wolf always amaze me with their creativity, I drool over Fleur McHarg’s instagram feed and I love Azalea at South Melbourne market.

Stunning magenta tulips by Rose and Abraham Flower Co

How can we find your flowers?

We sell to florists and direct to public every Saturday at Wesley Hill market (when in season) and sell bulbs and seeds from the website.

Best to message me on Instagram or via our webpage.

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