Delivering on sustainable blooms

A simple yet brilliant business model. Daily Blooms’ one-bunch-per-day concept is a winner for the customer, the business and the flowers.

“We only ever carry enough flowers for the day and when we sell out, well that’s it.”   

Courtney, Daily Blooms
girl picking flowers from buckets
Courtney choosing the daily bunch

How did the idea for Daily Blooms begin?

My husband and I came up with the idea of Daily Blooms on our honeymoon back in 2013. I needed a change from finance and I wanted to work with flowers but I knew the traditional florist model didn’t make a lot of financial sense not to mention the model was clearly in the mature/declining phase of its lifecycle. 

Buckets of flowers

With both of us having financial backgrounds we knew the key areas that needed to be addressed were holding perishable inventory whilst also having to pay high rents for a shop front which also needed to be staffed at all times.  We thought of ways to address each of these problems and developed an online florist that offered just one style of arrangement each day.  This meant we could work from a cheaper warehouse space and only needed to stock the exact blooms that we would sell that day. 

What does Valentines Day look like for you guys?

It is pure madness. A lot of prep is done in advance of the day with flowers ordered from the growers a fortnight in advance and our logistics already arranged. But the day itself is just crazy.

In past years, we have delivered over a thousand bouquets across the day, with the team making and wrapping bouquets whilst most people are still tucked up and sound asleep in bed.  

Courtney, Daily Blooms

We don’t get to rest until we know each and every bunch has been delivered successfully.

Heart full of flowers

Any Valentines Day delivery stories?

That’s the best part – there are so many beautiful stories and the messages are all about love and happiness.  It sounds so cheesy to say this but it makes the day so much more satisfying knowing that you are making people smile and reminding people that they are loved. 

My favourite Valentine’s Day deliveries are when a father has bought a bouquet for his wife/partner and for his daughter. 

Courtney, Daily Blooms

It might be because I have a little girl myself but it just melts my heart because I can just imagine how excited the little girl would be to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers (often her first ever bunch of flowers).  It is just so sweet and gets me every time!

Pink ranunculi
Fresh ranunculus

Where do you source your blooms for the big day?

We source all of our blooms from local growers around Victoria and New South Wales.  Our roses in Victoria come from Skye and they are just incredible. The grower specialises in classic variety roses, the old fashioned style of rose that opens fully and has the most magnificent perfume. 

It is really important to me that Daily Blooms supports local farmers and uses locally grown blooms instead of imported flowers.

 The trend to import flowers from Africa and Asia is really damaging our local industry with many generational farmers closing their doors, unable to compete with cheaper imported prices. 

I am also not a fan of the farming practices of many overseas growers who use toxic pesticides and chemicals that are not permitted in Australia. 

bunch of flowers
Typical bunch from The Daily Bloom

Sustainability in floristry – thoughts?

Sustainability is hugely important to me not only in my personal life but also in my professional life.  The business model of Daily Blooms promotes sustainable practices in a variety of ways.  Firstly we use locally grown flowers versus imports.  Secondly we have minimal waste (less than 2% of flower stock) as we do not need to hold excess flower inventory like a traditional florist shop.  And thirdly,  we also use a recycling service for all of our leaf and stem trimmings which converts our green waste into beautiful compost that is used in vegetable gardens and small farms.   

Favourite flower at the minute?

Ahhhh that is such a tough one. At the moment I am loving Hydrangeas and Dahlias – but my favourites change with the seasons.

What flowers are looking to trend this year?

I think there is a big move to more traditional and maybe old fashioned flowers at the moment.  After being out of favour for a few years, I think classical variety roses are making a big come back.  I also think we will see a shift away from muted tones to big and bold colours this year.

Girl holding flowers
Courtney, Founder of Daily Blooms

Was it always flowers for you?

Always. I have loved flowers forever and although I took an unconventional path to floristry via a career in finance, I always new I wanted to work with flowers. 


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