A Royal Forage – wedding flowers to make a statement

Meghan and Harry’s wedding flowers are set to make a strong statement for flowers with an environmental and social conscience.

According to media and palace reports , flowers and foliage have been foraged from the Royal’s parks and gardens, from bee-friendly wildflower fields and flowers will be given to charity after the event.

Oh wouldn’t you love to be given a pair of snips in the gardens of Kensington Palace!

With only one day to go til wedding bells ring, foraging will be out of the way and Philippa Craddock and her team must be working like the clappers for the gig of a lifetime!

I can’t even imagine how many snips are at work and how many florists are working away to meet the looming deadline.

Philippa  is a self taught florist known for her environmental and social credentials and a seasonal, natural style.


According to the Daily Telegraph:

‘Aisles, pews, tables and halls will be lined with plants from wildflower meadows, picked to “provide a great habitat for bees and help to nurture and sustain entire ecosystems by promoting a healthy and biodiverse environment”.

The high society florist will design floral arrangements which will “reflect the wild and natural landscapes, from which many of the plants shall be drawn.”

“The bee friendly plants will be potted and replanted after the wedding with cut flower arrangements given away to charities,’ reported by the Daily Telegraph from a Kensington Palace source.

Despite the Royal PR polish, this is a wonderful environmental message to put out on such a global stage and I cannot wait to see what Philippa and her team do on Saturday.

Craddock has quite the client list including Christian Dior, Hermes, Jo Malone, Alexander McQueen and Lancome and is the in-store florist at Selfridges, London.

Philippa Craddock Instagram
Philippa Craddock Instagram
Philippa Craddock Instagram

Her website goes further into her environmental philosophy:

“We try always to use seasonal flowers and greenery, working with local growers wherever we are installing designs around the world.  When we source from larger international growers, we ensure the flowers come from fair-trade farms and meet with our own environmental standards.  

“We avoid wherever possible using florist foam (a non-biodegradable plastic product often used in floristry), we use minimal plastic in our packaging (our flower bags and boxes are created from recycled and recyclable card) and all our green waste is either composted or when our events are in London, repurposed by Floral Angels, a charity set up to distribute once loved flowers to hospices and charities throughout the capital.”

Philippa Craddock Instagram
Philippa Craddock Instagram

This year we have partnered with drop4drop – an independent charity based in Brighton, whose passionate team are on a dedicated mission to help alleviate the World Water Crisis.  Over the next year we will raise enough money to fund our first water well, which will provide an entire community with access to a sustainable source of clean drinking water.  

We are lucky and take for granted our constant access to clean water, both for everyday health and well being, and for our work.  We are wholly privileged and it only seems right to provide as much water for a local community as we would use in our company during any one year.”

Such great vision and action for sustainable and ethical floristry. Hats off Phillipa!

Cannot wait to see they arrangements!


Daily Telegraph 1 April 2018


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