PARIS AND FLOWERS- another gorgeous coffee table book

Those two words can bring some people to their knees and now there is a beautiful new book to combine the them. Paris in Bloom delivers on every level of what you have hoped for….


Naturally it comes with a travel warning, of the best kind: This book may result in impulsive travel behaviour.

With over 200 swoon worthy images, floral and travel photographer Georgianna Lane covers the beautiful world of flowers and floral decor in Paris, and how to explore it.

The book is an in-depth view of a different side of one of world’s most beautiful and romantic cities: not food; not romance; not architecture; but flowers and floral decor.

From elegant floral boutiques to lively flower markets and expansive public gardens, flowers are an essential part of Parisian life and a key motif in Parisian style and decor. The book’s lavish photos along with its practical information will add a new dimension to anyone’s visit to Paris, and open the eyes of many who are already familiar with the city.

“Paris in Bloom was created to inspire and also enlighten readers –  to sweep them away on a beautiful, flower-filled tour of the city’s dreamiest floral locations, and to provide practical  knowledge of Parisian flora, enabling them to recognize with accuracy many of the different blooming flowers encountered along the way,” Lane says.


“The architectural images, which are juxtaposed with flower photos throughout, invite readers to observe and discover the wealth of floral decorative detail that abounds in Paris.”


Book details

  • includes useful guides on where and when to go to see Paris in bloom, and the best flower shops and markets at which to buy flowers
  • includes a photographic field guide to the common spring blooming trees and shrubs in Paris
  • has a section on how to create your own Paris style bouquet
  • must be looked at and read again and again by anyone who loves either flowers or Paris or floral decor or any combination of these
  • Paris in Bloom is available now for preorder in both hardcover ($19.95) and digital ($9.95) editions at most major book outlets.



Georgianna Lane ( is a widely published author and photographer with a passion for flowers, travel and the beautiful city of Paris, where she spends part of each year. Her romantic, light-filled images have appeared internationally in numerous books, magazines, calendars, greeting cards, home decor and other lifestyle products.

All image credits – Georgianna Lane

2 Comments Add yours

  1. georgiannalane says:

    Hi Sarah, Thank you so much again for this wonderful feature! Your blog is gorgeous and I appreciate you sharing my book with your readers. My best, Georgianna


    1. The Flower Press says:

      Thanks so much Georgianna, your book is divine. Can’t wait for what you do next?!


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