Flowers for the house on a budget

With a bit of a re-think, some smaller vases and floristry hacks, here’s how you can style your house with flowers for around $30, across 4-5 rooms!

Two bunches of flowers
Make the most out of two bunches to don the whole house with stylish arrangements…. Photographer: Little Star Creative

Flowers on a budget 

1. Buying and sourcing flowers for home

Buy two bunches – one of your favourite (in-season!!) blooms and another of greenery (foliage) with lots of smaller branches coming off the main stem.

Check the ends – are they in good condition – fresh and firm. You don’t want stems that are starting to look slimy or really dried up.

Check the flowers – are they fresh and firm or a bit droopy? Do they look like the petals might drop off at any moment – too old.

Image credit: Little Star Creative

Always cut the bottoms and get into clean fresh water straight away. This freshens up the stems and enables more water to get in.

Cutting them on an angle helps even more water get into the stem. Do this every few days and your blooms will last much longer.

Go Seasonal

It’s cheaper, much more natural, lasts longer!

Peonies in winter are sooooo tempting but they have been grown thousand of miles away, and carry a large carbon (and chemical) footprint and may not last long.

Better still…. go local and field-grown 

Buy field-grown flowers close to where you live who use holistic and chemical free farming methods.

“Flowers grown in season are bursting with a life force that may be may be missing from blooms raised half a world away.”

Ariella Chezar.


There’s a renaissance in field grown flowers in many countries, a ‘slow flower’ movement. Small flower farmers are bandying together to collaborate in what they grow and offer to florists and the public.

Many are offering farm gate experiences, like pick your own or picnic among the fields.

Check out Consortium Botanicus in the Daylesford Macedon Ranges and their flower farm trail.


Do you have a garden, a tree? Snip some greenery, some berries, different textures.

Image credit: Little Twig Flowers

Do you know someone with a large garden who might be pruning or won’t mind sharing a branch of this or that? Branches of olive trees, magnolia, gum?

Find 2-3 branches with great form. Perfect for the dining table or kitchen bench

2. What to do when you get your flowers home?

Strip most of the leaves away.  If leaves are in the water, the water discolours and becomes smelly.

All images: Little Star Creative

3. It’s all about the vaseware!!

Reconsider vaseware. Think beyond the one bunch one vase approach.

Go small, different sizes and stretch your bunch across 4-5 vases.

Image credit: Little Star Creative

Grab a mix of glass, metallics, pottery, old bottles.

Make sure your vases are clean – this helps with freshness and longevitiy of flowers.

Plan out which rooms and where you’d like each arrangement, that’ll dictate the vase ware, and how you prep the flowers.

Vaseware and arranging tips

  • Do things in threes – three elegant tulips or three gnarly twigs, or three vases together
Image credit: Little Star Creative
  • Measure the stem beside the vase to get the right height
  • Cut flowers at different lengths to give them space and movement in the arrangement.
Image credit: Little Star Creative
  • Blooms resting at the neck of the vase anchor the arrangement but tall blooms off to the side give movement
Image credit: Little Star Creative
  • Sticky tape cross a vase with a wide opening helps to secure your arrangement
  • Start with a V shape with your greenery/foliage then place other blooms one at a time
  • Make a posy first and tie with string
 Image credits: Little Star Creative

4. Styling tips for with flowers at home

  • Place with stacked coffee table books and a candle
  • Small greenery or one bloom in a window sill corner
  • Large branch of greenery or bare branch to fill a large space
  • Give the arrangement space from other items around it.

They say the mind can’t be stressed while being creative with your hands, so the biggest tip is to enjoy playing with the natural beauty of flowers and foliage.

There’s life energy and a little bit of magic in those petals. x

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