Dreamy floral art

Introducing the artist behind these exquisite floral prints –  Marisa Veerman.

I am a photographic and textile fine artist based in Brisbane.
I began my career as a textile visual merchandiser in fabric boutiques across the state. My work involved creating fashion and theatrical pieces on mannequins with pins and fabric alone.

It really was a dream job.

For the last 5 years I have been working on photographic projects and broadening my artistic career through my photographic artworks that are embellished with embroidery and beading.

Artwork by Marisa Veerman
How would you describe your art?

My art is quiet and gently beautiful.

It is delicately feminine yet the vulnerability is contrasted against an abundant strength.

It is peaceful, spacious, solitary and sometimes quirky.

My latest work is an exploration of stillness, calmness and quiet in a person. It also highlights the need to truly understand others and show empathy.

Artwork by Marisa Veerman
Can you give us an insight as to how you go about creating your art?

Firstly, I work on creating a colour palette by looking for inspiration from textiles, flowers and fashion.

I then create many mood boards until I settle on my favourite colour combination.

After I have made a decision on the direction I am heading, I have a good rummage through my boxes of vintage clothing, headpieces and fabrics. If I can’t find anything suitable I will head to my favourite antique stores and see what I can pick up. (This may involve a quick coffee and catch up with a friend too!)

Next, I head to the flower markets and see what is in season.

I love to create beautiful floral headpieces and collars to embellish the dresses. I take time to design these pieces, wiring them to a collar base or headband.


The photography session happens next. I always hope to capture quiet unguarded moments while the figure is in motion. This can be achieved quite quickly or can take quite some time to find just the right moment. I love loading them onto my computer to find my favourite images and spending time editing to make them just right. After having them printed it’s time to start the embroidery.

Over the years I have accumulated quite a large collection of embroidery threads and beads to choose from. I apply stitches to the image to enhance the movement and create a focal point. It is a really important part of my process as it is a deliberate act of taking time and consideration.
I prefer not to hide my work behind glass as I want each piece to be raw and honest so the viewer can really connect with it. For this reason, I finish the work by brushing on a wax to protect it as well as to add a beautiful layer of warmth and texture. This enhances the painterly feeling of my work

Flowers are a key part of your work – can you talk a bit about the significance you place on flowers and why?

Flowers are the epitome of femininity and fragility combined with strength and resilience.

Artwork by Marisa Veerman

I use them like paint brushes in my images to create the movement and splashes of colour. I use them very literally as well as figuratively in my work.
I love visiting the flower markets! The colours, the scent, the hustle and bustle. It’s a lot of fun.

How did you find the experience of exhibiting your work at your current exhibition? Do you enjoy the process, what were the challenges?

I loved the experience of exhibiting my work at Lethbridge Gallery.
It was a huge personal challenge that pushed me beyond my own self set limitations. It was such a privilege to be able to share my work and for people to be able to see it in person. The most important part for me was that people were able to connect and understand my work when they could see it in the flesh. It is totally different to seeing it online.
Artwork by Marisa Veerman
The most challenging part was setting my timeline and sticking to it. My work follows quite a process and I had to make sure I had them finished, varnished and framed on time. Sometimes it felt like I was running a marathon.

It was all made much easier though, working with such a lovely gallery that is so helpful and easy to communicate with.

Favourite comments from my exhibition…
“It was an honour to be there and see your creations I had seen online come alive in real life”
“Even the backgrounds were magical with texture”

When is your next exhibition / project I can share with readers?

I have many new exciting things on the horizon so please keep an eye on my Instagram for updates.

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  1. Ann says:

    Loved this piece thanks for sharing flower press blog


    1. The Flower Press says:

      Pleasure Ann 😉


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