The Flower Press Print Room

So excited to launch The Print Room – limited edition floral prints from the adventures of The Flower Press Blog.

The first range is the queen of flowers, the peony, for Mothers Day.

I took my children picking peonies at the Spring Hill Peony Farm last November. It was such a beautiful thing to do with them; walking the birch-lined track, past the horses and then a picnic in the peony field. We bought home an arm load of buds and blooms and had some fun with a camera.

The prints in this little range are of peonies at different stages; either buds or full blooms, protected by leaves, surrounded by others or holding their heads high,  which to me speaks a lot to the journey of motherhood and of raising kids.

Each print is named with personalities and character traits. Head to the store and choose one that fits your mum best.

All photos are printed on fine art paper and all photos are taken by Sarah O’Bryan.

Gilian and Grace

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