Mother’s Day milestone – 1 year anniversary

These are my mother’s hands – a farmer’s daughter, nurse, gardener and floral artist. (And loads of other things!)

When I kicked off this blog last Mother’s Day, I didn’t realize how fitting that start date actually was. See, I have my dear Mum to thank for passing on a love of flowers and it’s being a mother that makes me want to pursue it.

I started a blog to start writing again and explore the beautiful world of flowers.

I thought it would be something to do while the kids are small and they could tag along for excursions and interviews!



Well I had no idea how much fun we would all have, how time consuming, how technical and how many amazing people I would meet! What a blast!

It’s certainly a labour of love!

But………… I’m hooked!
So to my mum (@littletwigflowers) thanks for helping me find my thing, as well as everything else you do!! To my kids, thanks for showing me how to slow it down.




And thanks to you guys for reading and following along!

Here’s to another year of blogging!





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Christine says:

    Beautiful Sarah x keep on sharing


    1. The Flower Press says:

      Thanks Christine!


  2. Fi Baker says:

    An extra lovely way to celebrate Mothers Day with this milestone – keep it up !


    1. The Flower Press says:

      Aw thanks Fi!!


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